Monday, January 11, 2010

Been quite a while since i blogged last.. ah well! Life is crazy.
It was benchmarking time, its that time when a hundred thousand people have their destinies written for the rest of the year by a few thousand people.
Fortunately or unfortunately, I was a part of both the sects.
When I was a part of the 'few thousand' people I gave a lot of gyaan on what to do, what not to do, though in my heart I knew that the people whom I was telling all this, knew this, they were good people, doing quite good things.
As a part of 'karma' cycle, I got back the gyaan I gave * 20 from the one above, a lot of it unwarranted, but I'll leave that for another day...

Now, this was the boring part of my life.. the fun is yet to begin!
And bet ya, in as little as 3 days from now!
Pretty excited to be taking a 'rebellious' optional off day after. I wasn't planning to, but then even Columbus never planned to reach America.
Have also taken a few resolutions, not as a part of new year, but as a part of the benchmarking exercise... must say that the 'rebellious' off was one immediate resolution :)
Then there is the GOD of all movies which i am catching again this weekend.. AVATAR! This time, again with a couple of office friends... waiting for the IMAX experience.
And then, in a few days, i am off for vacations!!
Wow, what a month! it has had everything so far.. and I expect the year to be no meaner...
This is the Chinese 'year of the Tiger'.. and that's my favorite creature.
So I expect myself to uncover some surprises, pull off some quick ones this year..
and yeah free myself from the clutches of the KGB.
Now, before this blog gets intercepted by some intelligence sleuth, I need to make a point.
I am a harmless creature and KGB is just a metaphor for Россия.
Don't get me wrong, i love them! :)
It's just that its been too much of togetherness.. i wanna break free.

A few resolutions that i could think of :
-->Do not be an emotional fool and over commit yourself to the job. Yaad kar, rocket singh ne kya bola tha..
-->If the average working hours per day exceed 9:15 minutes, try every trick in the book to bring it down to 9:15. Bahut utha liya fayeda, ab mera number hai.
-->Do atleast 2 holiday destinations every year from today.
-->Film a wild tiger in the deep jungles. If you manage it, then you are worth your weight in gold.
-->Do not watch films starring Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Zayed Khan, Fardeen Khan, Saif Khan and Kareena Kapoor even as supporting actors.
-->Lose the prosperity in the belly and get flat.(The neighbour's kids are already calling me uncle)
-->Click some pictures from my new camera, which people could just go 'wow' about and show the world that not everyone needs a full time DSLR.
-->Chuck the old & ring in the new. Applies to clothes & friends. Conditions apply.
-->Show the dirty people their place, the pig sty.
-->Keep ma and pa of both north and south smiling! As KJo(cheap acronym) says, its all about loving your parents.
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